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Round silk-screen printing or screen print on hard surface products (mugs, pens etc.)

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 Round silk-screen printing or screen print on hard surface products (mugs pens etc.)


It is a well-known fact that personalized and customized gifts and promotional products leave a great impression on the person or customer. It helps the business to make a personal connection with the customers. Screen printing on hard surfaces is a technique which is used to make design and patterns on the round surfaces. Also known as round silk-screenprinting, it is an effective technique to create designer products such as mugs, flasks, drinking bottles, pens etc. which have round surface. These promotional products such as mugs, glassware, lipbalms, pens etc. are often used by the businesses to gift to their customers to remind them of their brand and reach out to more customers. They achieve this by making their brand visible in the market through these products.

We have supplied our customers with screen printed products with deftness and high-quality product which accentuate their brand in the eyes of the customers. We use state of the art machines, both manual as well as automated which allows us to print on the promotional products and advertising gifts. With our specially trained printers as well as machinery particularly adapted to screen print on hard surfaces such as glass jars, vases, mugs, pens, water bottles, etc. which offers to use a great deal of flexibility, unmatched in the market.


Screen printing is among the commonly used methods when it comes to printing on round surface or hard surfaces such as torches, infuser bottles, thermos flasks, plastic pens, etc. This process involves the use of a squeegee to press the colour via a fine and stretched mesh in order to transfer the colour on the round surface. By means of producing a film which has a print design is then project the film on the surface in between which makes sure that only the colour of the design is passed through. Screen printing is done in multiple colours which require each ink having its on separate cloth.

Our expert services enable us to create unique designs on your promotional products which allow you to build your brand through these products. We have experience in creating such products with our expertise in screen printing on hard surfaces. We offer screen printing on various promotional merchandise and deliver large volumes of such products.


Screen printing requires multiple layers of colours which may be needed in most cases. It is similar to giving various coats of emulsion or paint to your walls in the home. Using this analogy, you can understand how screen printing on hard surfaces works. It is a great method to transfer colours on hard surfaces and create beautiful designs. It gives a unique touch to your promotional giveaways such as cups, pencils, glasses, etc.


Our screen printing services on hard advertising services are cost-effective. You can get large volumes of screen printed items on quite a reasonable price which suits your marketing budget. Since spending your marketing budget in an optimized way is important for the success of your business, the return on investment on screen printed products is quite high.

One can measure the ROI through the market, and brand awareness these screen printed thermos mugs, flasks, etc. creates for your company. It helps you gain visibility in the market and homes, offices etc. of the people. It constantly reminds them of your business and increases the chances of making repeat purchase by these customers.

One can always agree to the fact that commonly and regularly used promotional items such as coffee mugs, during taking a coffee break, in office hours, or morning coffee to start the day, leaves a mark on the psyche of the person when he uses it. This brand placement creates a distinct picture in their mind of your brand which helps in brand recall. Whenever that person visits the market, or look for a corporate gift which is also offered by your business, then he recalls your promotional product and associated brand and makes the purchase of the product that you offer. This is an effective method to reach out to people in their residential places and place your brand right in the middle of their homes. It not only affects the person whom you have given the business gift but also leaves a mark on people who may also use the product or see the product in their homes. Our customized mugs and round-house items is a perfect way to place your brand in the eyes of people.

Same goes for office items such as pens, where people use your promotional product and get constantly informed about your brand. Your brand etches on their mind and every person who might use the product borrowing from the person whom you have given the product. It creates awareness among the people who even haven’t received your promotional gift. Also, giving promotional giveaway like pens creates a sense of connection with your brand which goes a long way in marketing and lead generation of your business.

Our service offers a wide range of promotional items with round surfaces such as pens, drinkware, cups, thermoses, jars, glasses, footballs, stressballs and mugs which can be distributed among your business employees. It helps them to identify themselves as part of the business and creates an impression that they need to put efforts to make their business work more efficiently. They consider their employer’s business as their own and perform more effectively and efficiently.

Round silk screen printing has been done extensively for creating promotional products and personalized gift items for quite a sometime, and we have experience in delivering uniquely designed products at great price. The brand awareness and personal connection these products help your business to gain visibility in the market and also helps you to leave a personalized touch to the people whom you want to gift your own customized gift item. Our expertise in screen printing and use of advanced machines make sure that blemish-less and a well-crafted product is delivered to you which means that your business is as perfect as the product. It also improves your business’s credibility and standing in the market as great service and product provider. This helps you to build your brand as a trusted source of products and services. Our expert designers create spell-bounding designs which create a unique impression in the minds of the people through round hard surfaces such as mugs, lipbalms, sports bottles, pens,silicone bracelets, balloons etc.


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