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Hot Stamping

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Hot Stamping

Hot stamping is dry printing process of lithography which is pre-dried ink or foils which are transferred to a surface of the material at high temperatures. It is a non-polluting method which has diversified with the inclusion of a variety of processes and colours. It is widely used on plastic as well as paper, where it is considered as a common technique in security printing. However, it is applicable to other sources too. We have delivered products based on this technique to a wide range of clients over the years and we proud ourselves in creating best quality products for promotional, gifting purposes and other.


We use a hot stamping machine where a die is mounted and heated, with the desired product to be stamped which is deftly placed beneath it. A painted or metallized roll-leaf carrier is then inserted between the two, and the die is pressed down through it. The foil or dry paint is then impressed onto the product surface. Hot stamping is among the major variations of services of stamping. Heating is a significant part of the hot stamping process since it enables the image transfer. Using the help of a stamping die, the engraved image is heated before it is transferred to a particular making foul. A marking foil is used for leaving the ink on the product surface where the image is transferred. The foils are multi-layered coatings which transfer the image to the product surface. We also use non-metallic foils which consists of a colour layer, an adherence base as well as a release layer. The metallic foils replace the colour layer with a layer of vacuum-metallized aluminium or chrome. Metallic foul construction has a sheen like a metal and is generally available in various metal shades like gold, bronze, silver and copper. Pigment foil doesn’t have any metallic sheen, but it can be matte or glossy. The holographic coil paper consists of the three-dimensional image which offers a distinguished appearance to specific areas of a particular digitally printed application. The dye-stamping process itself is non-polluting which we take seriously as the materials involved are dry.

Our philosophy includes caring for the environment while giving best quality products to our customers. We make sure that no environmental damage is done by our processes. We take it as a responsibility to save the environment at all cost which makes us stand apart from our competitors.

We utilize the dies and foils which are most commonly used tools in this process. Dies are typically made of silicone rubber or metal and can easily be cast and shaped directly. These dies are capable of carrying impressive qualities of details which can be transferred to the surface. They can also be shaped to adapt to any sort of irregularities in the surface. We use foils, which are metallic and non-metallic, are generally multi-layered coatings which transfer the image to the surface of your product. Differed hot stamping machines are used to serve a wide range of purposes but most commonly known is the simple up-and-down press hot stamping machine. We use high-quality machines to create best promotional products which help you establish as a trusted brand among your existing and prospective customers as a reliable business.



Our hot stamping service is better than another stamping services offered. It is highly favourable due to its various advantages. This process is quite flexible which can be used in an extensive and wide range of materials including plastics. Products which includes stamping wire solutions, paper, pencils are few of the products of hot stamping technique. Hot stamping is a commonly used technique which is broadly used in security printing along with marking plastics and has become quite famous in embossing or gold tooling in book printings too. Along with this, the process is quite important as it is a dry method. There are no complications associated with it on learning about complex and demanding procedures like mixing inks in order to get the desired output from the procedure, i.e. the product that you wished to get stamped. The hot stamp machine can easily be managed manually without the requirement of complicated interventions.

Our expert operators are experienced in the process. It includes attaching the die to the plate and then a fraction of the fixture which should be popped out. This makes the process more permanent and output or the product to adapt even to the harshest of conditions that it may encounter. Using a metal die in this process enable for branding which means that even in case the colour fades out, the brand name still remains on the plastic. We make sure that we make the durable product for your business which signifies the quality of the product and services that your business offer.

Hot stamping can be used to produce a wide range of images from different materials. Metal dies form magnesium, coppers, brass or hardened steel is the most common one. We use the popular ones which suit the product requirement. Comparing all these four materials for metal dies, magnesium is considered to be the most cost-efficient, but it does have poor quality when it comes to durability. Hence, we recommend other materials to make sure that your business gets best hot stamped material for promotional purposes. Hardened steel is often recommended even though it is slightly costlier, but it is highly favoured since it has outstanding durability. As an alternative, silicone rubber dies are also subcategorized as per the hardness and are quite advantageous with images which aren’t flat.

We offer premium hot stamping services using the best in class materials to make reliable and durable products. We use state-of-the-art machinery which delivers high-quality output. We employ the best process practices to make sure that stamping is done without harming the environment. We have highly trained professionals who are expert in the hot stamping procedure, and they ensure that output withstands the harshest condition. We offer a wide range of cost-effective and durable materials to choose from. We make sure that you get the best product for your promotional, branding etc. purposes. We are the market leader in hot stamping, and we continue to carry forward the high standard of high-quality product delivery.


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