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Digital Printing on Textile

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Digital Printing on Textile

Digital printing of textile is often described as ink jet based printing method of colours onto textiles. Mostly, digital printing of textile is referred to the printing of designs onto garments such as t-shirts, promotional wear, dresses etc. Printing of designs onto large format roles of textiles is also done. It is a growing trend when it comes to visual communication especially in the advertisement of corporates. Our services provide promotional printed textile for your business for various marketing and advertising campaigns. We understand the importance of digitally printed textiles in the marketing of your business.




Digital printing has been done for last 3 decades as a replacement for analogue screen printing, and we have evolved as leading provider of digital printing of textiles. With the great development of dye-sublimation printer back in the 90s, it became quite possible to print using low energy sublimation inks as well as high energy disperse direct inks onto textiles. It is way better than printing dye-sublimation inks of particular transfer paper and then using a heat press to transfer it to the process. We use cutting-edge digital printing techniques which enables us to deliver the best product of highest standard.

As various businesses have different applications and requirements, we offer a variety of digital printing services. The intended use of textile is a vital aspect to identify the requirements to produce any specific product. We use our experience in selecting the right material as per your requirements. We offer different ranges of textile such as natural yarns for garments to synthetic fibres for banners and flags. We produce a wide range of products as per your promotional needs such as printed t-shirts, banners, bed covers, garments and much more.

When it comes to visual communication such as advertisement banners and other materials, the most commonly used textile media is polyester based fabric. We are expert in the production process which requires selecting the right type of ink for the purpose. We use high energy sublimation, acid, reactive, low energy sublimation and pigment inks for a variety of purposes as per requirement of the product that needs to be printed for your business. We keep a strict check on ink chemistry needs to fit the requirements of the textile media such as nylon, cotton, polyester, silk. Based on the ink and textile media combination, we select the right process for printing. We pay special attention to the fabric structure such as woven, knitted, non-woven in order to make sure that our product lives up to your expectations.

We utilize advanced digital printing process for textiles to drastically reduce waste. Our process is economical, and we pay special attention to ecological factors. We make sure that our processes are environment-friendly. We pay special adherence to strict guidelines set by authorities to make sure that we produce best quality products without damaging the environment and putting our technicians at risk.

We also utilize one-pass printing with CMYK and White printing simultaneously which helps us in increasing productivity and efficiency to deliver the best product to you within the deadline. We provide increased production level for the requirement of high-quality printed textile garments with great results. We offer full-colour saturation along with the ultimate crisp product. We offer digital printing on textiles such as t-shirts, jeans, sweatshirts, hoodies etc. and clothing of all sorts in different patterns and sizes. We use high-yield ink cartridges which brings down the cost of production or printing cost which means you get the best price in the market. Our digitally printed textile products are highly durable and withstand extreme environment and multiple washes without any fading or loss of quality. This helps us in retention of our customers and providing them utmost satisfaction. We have the team of experts with years of experience in digital printing of textiles which allow us to offer the best product in the market. Our experts follow strict procedures to make sure that your product is prepared and handled with great care, and they deliver the best results.



Our quality of printed end product fits the need of every application. The longevity, fastness as well as hand properties of our textile product is equally important for us. We provide printed textile material which can be easily washed and are resistant to fire and water repellent. When we complete our process, it no longer has any ink or coating residue to ensure that you get the finished product without any smudges. Our digital printed textile doesn’t fade even after repeated washing, and it can also be dry cleaned, washed by hand with cold water or washing machine. We make sure that our product offers you immaculate branding that your business deserves. We proud ourselves in providing long-lasting and sturdy digitally printed textile which withstand any condition that it is subjected to. This ensures that your customer feels the quality of your promotional product and associates it with the high-quality and credible products and services you provide. It also helps in building positive word of mouth for your brand which increases your brand’s market reach and brings you more customers. Our products are best suited for every kind of business in different domains which means you can utilize them in your advertising and marketing campaigns irrespective of the industry your business belongs to.

Digitally printed textile is best way to promote your brand. A person wearing your promotional t-shirt or hoodie, act as a brand ambassador for your business. We have years of experience in producing specialized and customized digital printed textile products to meet your promotional and marketing requirements. We have delivered best products over the years to a large variety of businesses. We follow best practices that are essential in digital printing of textile. We offer best product quality and excellent customer support in case you have any issue. We make sure that our product lives up to your expectation of impeccable quality. We are the market leader in offering digitally printed textiles with unmatched product quality and attractive prices. With our exquisite range of digitally printed textiles and products, we assure you that you get the best product available on the market.


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