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UV printing

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UV Printing

UV printing is a popular digital printing form which utilizes ultra-violet lights to dry or in other terms, cure ink as it is printed. As printer goes on distributing the ink on the material’s surface (termed as a substrate), the specifically designed UV lights follow closely behind and curing (drying), the ink with an instant. UV light applications are quite varied, and it has expanded into various industrial and commercial markets as well. Since the UV lights cure any sort of printed ink almost instantly, the wet ink dots don’t get a chance to spread out after they are printed which results in finer detail. Along with it, the UV cured inks are also weather-resistant which is quite necessary if the products are going to be used in rough weather. It also has increased resistance to fading which means that your product print remains intact even after rough handling and exposure to elements for a long duration of time. We specialize in UV printing as we tend to deliver best quality products which can be used by your business in promotional and branding etc. purposes. Our printed products with their inherent resistant and durable characteristics signify the credibility and reliability of your brand.



The UV inks dry through a photochemical process. The inks in use are exposed to ultra-violet lights as they move along to get printed which immediately turns from a liquid to a solid without any significant evaporation of solvents. There is almost no absorption of ink whatsoever, into the paper stock. This implies that we print on virtually whatever product you want to print when using UV inks. We provide great quality of UV printing options to different products of your brand in cost-effective fashion.

Our commitment towards saving the environment can be judged by the fact that we utilize this curing process in the most environmentally friendly way since this method produces few odour, heat and VOC’s. Since the process dries the inks immediately and there is the release of no VOCs (volatile organic compounds) into the environment, UV printing is considered to be a green technology which is safe for the environment and leaves almost zero carbon footprint. We have adopted this technology to make sure that we offer best printing services to your business while ensuring that no damage is done to the environment, which remains to be part of our company’s philosophy.



UV curing services by us also allow the flatbed printer to be used with various kinds of non-traditional materials such as aluminium and acrylic. This provides you to get a wide range of products of different materials to be used for your business’s marketing purposes. Since UV inks dry on contact, there is no smudges. This essentially means that irrespective of the paper type that is used, our printing doesn’t need to add costly coatings to protect against the smears and rub-offs which in turns reduces the cost and hence makes it a great printing solution under your budget.

Unlike other printing processes, our UV printing process bonds the ink to almost any surface. We have expert operators who have experience in printing on various unusual surfaces such as hand-made canvas, concrete, CD’s wood, plastic, metal, ceramic tiles etc. which shows the versatility of our professionals. This experience of our experts signifies our capability to offer best printing services to your business product irrespective of the type of material.

Due to the versatilities of UV printers that we use, we provide a huge creative potential to your business. We use UV printers for outdoor, indoor and backlit signs, along with posters, vehicle wraps, POPs, building wraps, cabinets etc. which shows your extensive range of capabilities. Judging by this, you can expect our deliverance of high-quality printing solution to a wide range of businesses.

The UV inks that we use provide optimal adhesion without the requirement for pre-coating which saves precious time. We buy non-treated substrates which also saves costs which is reflected in our cost-effective solution that we offer to your business.

Along with creative possibilities that we offer using UV printing, it also delivers great output, and we deliver faster graphic production with high accuracy. UV inks cure almost in an instant, which depends on the ink colour as well as the intensity of the UV light. This means that using this technology, we are able to get high operating speeds. This enables us to deliver a high volume of printed product to your business within less time while maintaining the product quality of highest standard.

We use UV flatbed printers which keep the media stationary which keeps the print heads and move over the media. It provides multiple layers of printing simultaneously which includes white ink or spots varnishes on different highlighted media areas. It also produces consistent images with better colour saturation, from the substrate to substrate even when it comes to dark and transparent media.

We use the UV inks that are converted to a polymer, and it is exposed to maximum levels of UV light which makes it quite durable and resistant to fading, rubbing as well as heat and moisture. We ensure that your product remains unscathed even in harshest conditions and withstand wear and tear.

Our UV printed output doesn’t require any laminating which leads to the reduction of costs as well as production time which enable us to deliver a budgeted solution for quicker delivery. The UV printers used by can print directly on to rigid and hard substrates such as Sintra and DiBond which eliminates both the cost and time of mounting.

Since UV inks don’t require isopropyl alcohol and emit very low and even no volatile organic compounds (VOC) into the atmosphere and doesn’t require any venting of the odour, we achieve environment friendly printing solution for your product. We also take consideration of providing safer and pleasant work environment of our staff which reflects our ethics and working principle which signifies the best practices we follow while delivering the best product for your business.

Our UV printing capabilities include silk screening, vinyl/digital heat press, and solvent digital printing. Our flatbed design of the UV printer allows us to create the same high-quality product as our solvent printer, even on thicker substrates. Our silk screening machines also accommodate thicker materials such as acrylic. We meet the requirements of your business irrespective of order size. We make sure that you get the same high quality of printing work with added flexibility which makes our printers a great tool for our present production abilities.

We are leading service providers of UV printing, and we have delivered best quality products for various businesses which utilized it for their different marketing purposes and branding purposes such as promotional products, gifts, etc. We offer best in class service with the use of state-of-the-art printing machines to deliver the highest quality product which suits your business requirement and builds a trust and credibility of your business in the psyche of your current and prospective customers.


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